Friday, January 1, 2010

Crappy Musicians that All Europeans Seem to Like, for some reason

Chet Baker, Keith Jarrett, and Pat Metheny.

(This remains a mystery, except perhaps when you think of the existence of the Europop Festival)

...and some great musicians that most of them don't know about:

Johnny Griffin
Art Pepper
Lennie Tristano
Lester Bowie
Roland Kirk
Gigi Gryce

They also tend to overrate Oscar Peterson a bit, but I guess there's no helping that. The guy sounds the way you imagine jazz ought to sound if you haven't listened to a lot of jazz. He's just a little too correct and straight-ahead to offer a visionary breakthrough. A virtuoso, but a template.

So spread the word and make some friends.

Oh and they love Bill Evans, which is fine -- but usually the wrong Bill Evans. Turn them on to the earlier stuff, like Sunday at the Village Vanguard, before Scottie LaFaro died.